Comparative Cariban Database

This database contains information on verbal morphology and lexical data of 22 Cariban languages. It is intended as a companion piece to my dissertation. For each language, there is a list of:

  1. grammatical morphemes
  2. verbal constructions, which contain person marking paradigms
  3. t-adding verbs, a group of transitive verbs with an idiosyncratic 3P marker *t-
  4. lexical morphemes, compiled for my phylogenetic classification
  5. example sentences
  6. relevant literature
All language-specific morphemes are connected via cognate sets, separated into grammatical morphemes, t-adding verbs, and lexical data. Uses of person markers are, if possible, illustrated with examples; see for example this Ikpeng morpheme. Not all languages are equally extensively featured, due to different descriptive coverage. Of the extant Cariban languages, only Japrería is not featured at all. Werikyana data was partially contributed by Spike Gildea.